Cookcademy 8 - Edit Recipes not working

I am following part 8 of the Cookcademy tutorial. I have a strange issue where if I navigate a recipe from the RecipeCategoryGridView and try and edit a recipe it just closes the new screen displayed when I click on anything to edit a description or change a value.

If I start from RecipesListView and edit it works fine.

I even downloaded the CodeCademy code showing the completed solution at the end of the tutorial and it has the same issue.

has anyone else had this issue and if so, did they manage to resolve it.

hey :wave: can you reply with some of screenshots of the problem and the code

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I have the same issue. Not sure what’s wrong with the code!!

I believe it has something to do with the new NavigationStack…
My easy solution was go to RecipeDetailView file, in the .sheet modifier, change NavigationStack to the older NavigationView.

Hope this helps!

Same problem here. The editing recipe closes the moment you select any fields that are editable and I’m also using NavigationView as the person recommended above.

Same problem here. The instruction used NavigationView as the above reply, but my code still faces this bug.