So… I don’t get it. Mine function works. Everything is correct. The last 3 modules have come back erroneous every time I get it correct.

Hello @jesserichey857416700, welcome to the forums! Try putting the newArr variable inside the convertToBaby() function. This way, each time the function is called, you will be using an empty array to start. If I ran your code twice, I would get:

console.log(covertToBaby(["mouse", "elephant"])); 
//prints ["baby mouse", "baby elephant"]
console.log(convertToBaby(["mouse", "zebra"]));
//prints ["baby mouse", "baby elephant", "baby mouse", "baby zebra"]

Aside, you should use let or var when declaring the iterable variable i in your for loop:

for (let i in oldArr)
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Yes I noticed that when I was looking at other examples. I have since fixed that issue with my coding in all subsequent functions. Thank you for pointing it out.

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