Convert psuedo code to actual program

I have a slight problem with this exercise. So far I’m at designing pseudocode for it but I have no idea what syntax I should use to put index on a new list. Every method I’m thinking of will put on my list a value that is stored at said index, not the index itself. Any idea how to do it?

What pseudo code do you have so far? I don’t want to spoil too much in one go, so i am first awaiting your pseudo code. Hope you understand :slight_smile:

define function(lst1, lst2):
 create empty list to store indexes
 for every element of lst1:
  compare element to element at same index in lst2
  if they are the same:
 return empty list 

HA! I just did it, I might not be so stupid after all :smiley: There’s one simple trick to it:

def same_values(lst1, lst2):
 lst0 = []
 for ind in lst1:
  if lst1[i]==lst2[i]:
 return lst0
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