Control flow in Ruby


I have no idea of what to do

test_1 = 77 != 77

test_1 =

test_2 = -4 <= -4

test_2 =

test_3 = -44 < -33

test_3 =

test_4 = 100 == 1000

test_4 =


What do the instrutions and the hint say?


Did you ever figure out how the heck to do this? I know that I somehow have to add "true" to these stupid things, but I've gone back through all the exercises in this section and can't figure out where the heck it supposedly told us how to do that.

ETA: Never mind, apparently all you have to do is type in whether you think it would be true or false. As in, "2 > 1" is false. At least, it let me progress that way.