Control Flow -> Boolean Expressions Issue

I believe that there is an issue with the exercise within the Control Flow → Boolean Expressions.

The instructions state:

Determine if the following statements are boolean expressions or not.

Statement four: "Cats are female dogs" is a Boolean expression. Think of it like this:

  • dogs == mammals, would evaluate as True
  • cats == femaleDog, would evluate to False

Can you see now how “Cats are female dogs” is a Boolean expression? It is not a True statement; however, it is a Boolean statement.

Hope this helps!

The Python data type boolean can only be True or False. Unless you have set True to Yes, etc., in some other piece of code, your answers do not follow the syntax rules. Moreover, you do not need quotations for booleans, unlike Strings. I have not taken your specific course but I am very fluent in Python, so unless your instructions say otherwise, please only use True, False and remove quotations after the assignment operator =.

Hey Milodcodes; I appreciate your feedback. Yes, you are correct in what you said regarding Booleans. However, you have to understand the assignment. The instructions are asking if the given statements is a boolean expression, (yes, or no).

So Statement Four: “Cats are female Dogs” - Is this a Boolean statement, yes or no? The correct answer is yes. This is a boolean statement that can be answered either True or False.

The person asking the question was confused because they answered “No” (e.g. the statement is not a Boolean), and they got the answer wrong (screenshot).

It is a trick question to catch you of guard…

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Ah, makes sense… I’ve sent feedback to Codecademy about semantics and trick questions that are really not helpful for folks who are learning a new language, and also could not see the entire instructions for that exercise from the image, failing to look at your copying of the instructions. Makes sense now! Thanks for the clarification.