Control Flow and Logic

Please help. I have absolutely no idea what to type into bash and it’s killing me.

please read this topic:

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Okay, you’re right. That was a bad post.
On Survey of Computer Science, Lesson 5, Control Flow and Logic, it says to type something into the terminal bash. I don’t know what to type into bash, and i really need to know.

please do include the url of the exercise. Thank you

Sorry again!

the instructions literally give what you need to enter into bash:


I have tried it multiple times with no success

again, that is not very specific why its failing. Does the interpreter give an error? Is the script not found? There could be so many reasons for not succeeding.

Could you upload a screenshot?

Okay, it wouldn’t let me paste it into the terminal so i instead kept printing it in and was met with an error. When i re-clicked my link and pasted your own message, it actually worked. So thank you, it is working now.