Control Flow 11.Generalization


Need help on stuck on the second part


You won't learn anything unless you try. Post the question and your attempt. Asking for the answer is cheating and can get your account suspended.


@knowledge_09, do you mind posting your code? This just helps us out in helping you.

@cadecodes You're right that's possible that knowledge could, but I don't feel that he's cheating. Most likely he's a new member who is just asking for help.


@lolman, asking for the correct code is against Codecademy rules, and if done frequently, will get your account deleted.


I'm pretty sure @lolman is not asking for the solution but for @knowledge_09's attempt on it. Because it is pretty difficult to give good hints without knowing what the actual problem is.
The real purpose of the rule is to make it easier to give an receive useful help.


I wasn't trying to get the answer just needed guidance that is all but I solved it on my own thank you though I'm new to this rookie mistake.