Hello haven’t really used these forums much before so I’m a little unsure of myself but here goes. I have been taking the “Learn Git and GitHub” course and so far so good. That is until I came to the section on contributing to the Codecademy Docs section. Where as I understand it I am supposed to contribute to Codecademy documentation, but I simply don’t understand how. I have looked on the GitHub codecademy pages issues section but there doesn’t seem to be anything there that I can get involved with I only know a bit of HTML and CSS that I am currently learning in the “Full Stack Web Course”. As I can see the last time an HTML issue was raised was last November. Obviously I don’t want to be hanging around waiting for some contribution for weeks, and even then I may or may not be able to help. This has knocked the stuffing out of me to be honest, I was feeling quite confident about how the course was going but I’m totally confused now. Would someone try and explain to me whats required of me at this juncture of the course. I really would be very grateful.

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