Contradictions on #8 Word up


what should i be doing here?

Replace this line with your code.


Well here instead of equaling word to your the actual word you are inputing through dot notation to .lower() you should use original as in your if statement and print statement because your taking your original word stored in original and equaling that in lower case fashion to word so you can take word in the future part of this chapter and change it into a new word to show up on the screen. Also, when you input a word into the translator you are building it is stored in original through you entering the word into the system when hit "save and submit code". This is the purpose of your first line original = raw_input('Enter a word:') This is how the original word is processed into a new word through the translator you are building :smiley:


i tried using original.lower() and that gives me the same error message


well your first = word[0] shouldn't be in quotes either.... maybe that is it. Because you aren't quoting anything you are just using the word variable to start at the first letter in the word when that word is inputted into the system. This way your translator will translate starting at the first letter and not in the middle of the word imputed.

And neigher should your orignal.lower() be in quotes


that did not seem to work


Ahhhhh I found it. You misspelled original in your original.lower


brain fart, thanks you


No problem! Nay it happens way more than you know to me and others haha. As you can tell I didn't see it until way late


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