Continuity Error: Array.push has not been discussed before this exercise


Hello, I'd just like to point out that 11.9 "Converting Between Symbols and Strings" asks the user to use the .push method on an Array, but this method has never been introduced in the lessons before this--at least, not in a way that the user is made to use it.

The way it's worded is vague enough that it's unclear if .push is supposed to be a method of the object being pushed, e.g. object.push(array) or a method of the array being pushed to, e.g. array.push(object)

I assume that Array.push was once discussed before this exercise in an old revision of the course, but has since been shifted around or removed entirely.

I have enough experience with other languages, and I'd looked up the ruby docs prior to this (to experiment in another lesson,) so I knew that .push is an Array method, but I can see how this lesson might confuse someone completely new to programming, even if the hint more explicitly states how to use push.


I've found a couple of these kind of continuity errors in the Ruby course too. I wonder if there's a board or issues report forum to compile these kinds of errors so they aren't confused with support requests.