Continuing My Education Coding Education Story, Moving on from a Coding Bootcamp, why it was right for me

I want to take a moment and offer my first impression of Codecademy. As I have stated before quite a few times now, I am a coding student who has decided to continue my education via a different path that what I first started with. 2 years ago I decided to start to learn to code by joining a coding bootcamp learning program. While at first it looked promising I learned over time that the learning structure and resulting stress was NOT the best was for me to learn.
My preferred way to learn is in a visual and step by step structured style. And I also found it necessary that for knowledge to really stick in my brain was to practice it again…again…again…you get the point.
The coding bootcamp I was a part of didn’t really meet this criteria. So I decided to find other source that could.
I am really pleased to state that I am learning more and better with Codecademy because I really enjoy how they present their lessons. They not only teach by SIMPLE explanation but also SHOW what they are trying to teach by either illustrations or by real world coding examples which a student can interact with.
AND they start from the basics taking you through step by step about why each aspect of code is important and what exactly each code does what it does.
Ultimately I feel that this type of approach of teaching code; answering the questions of who, what, when, where, why and how about code. What is Code? When did coding start? Who uses code? Where is coding used? Why is coding important? How does code work?
While very broad and general questions, I learned the answers in my first lessons with Codecademy and I feel that anyone can really appreciate the visual and step by step style that is utilized to teach such concepts.