Content not displaying inline Off-Platform Project: Tea Cozy

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I am trying to have the content in the footer portion display inline (Horizontally) and not vertically. I have made a ruleset in CSS but I think I am doing something wrong. I also can’t get my CSS background-image to display as well. Can you assist? My HTML5 and CSS code is below.

The Tea Cozy
Mission Featured Tea Locations

Our Mission

Tea of The Month



384 West 4th St.
Suite 108
Portland, Maine

East Bayside

3433 Phisherman's Avenue
(Northwest Corner)
Portland, Maine


515 Crescent Avenue
Second Floor
Portland, Maine


header {
background-image: url(*1l0rq1x*_ga*ODQ0NTIyMjE4LjE2NDkxMzQ5NTI.*_ga_3LRZM6TM9L*MTY5MzcxMjg1NS45My4wLjE2OTM3MTI4NjAuNTUuMC4w);

body {
font-family: Helvetica;

.Section1 h2 {
background-image: url(*1yvach0*_ga*ODQ0NTIyMjE4LjE2NDkxMzQ5NTI.*_ga_3LRZM6TM9L*MTY5MzcxMjg1NS45My4wLjE2OTM3MTI4NjAuNTUuMC4w);
display: block;
max-height: 700px;
max-width: 1200px

.Section3 footer h2 h3 {
display: inline-flex;
margin: auto;

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