Content is bugged in the lesson: Mixins and the & Selector (Sass)

There seems to be a bug with the content. The images are not loading unless you press the Solution button. Even then, when you are going through the exercises and are adding code to the Sass sheet, the content will disappear in the brower. I’m not learning much as I can’t see the changed that my code has made.

I have the following questions:

  1. Is this only a problem on my end, or for other users as well?
  2. Can this be fixed?
  3. Can I retake this lesson once it’s fixed?

Thank you.

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Please provide a link to the exercise (In this case it wasn’t really important because it is easy to find the exercises)
Be sure to report the problem either on the codecademy help center or by clicking on the get help button image and reporting the issue

Yes of course by clicking on the reset exercise button image
But you will need to click on this button when doing each exercise