Content Creator Contracting Project Help - How to start

I’m currently on the Content Creator Contracting Project and I have absolutely no idea how to begin.(

I am also unsure of what the question is asking for. Thus, I need help with:

  1. Understanding the question better
  2. Starting the project and having a guided step

Appreciate any help given here!


Hello community, I am also lost. I installed a couple of software dev kits (git, node.js, visual studio code) and got lost afterwards. The instructions in the project say …

“To run these tests, first open the root project directory in your terminal. Then run npm install to install all necessary testing dependencies (you will only need to do this step once). Finally, run npm run test. You will see a list of tests that ran with information about whether or not each test passed. After this list, you will see more specific output about why each failing test failed.”

… so I opened Visual Studio Code and opened the project on highest level in terminal and typed in ‘npm install’ - the terminal showed the following error message:

  • CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (npm:String) , CommandNotFoundException
  • FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

Am I in the wrong dev kit, or on the wrong hierachy level?

Appreciate any help given here,

Solved the problem by trail and error. Unpacked downloaded data in C:/users/username and opened with node.js command prompt by entering ‘npm install’ . It’s a bit messy, because data is without a folder, but it worked. It returned some test feedback after ‘npm run test’. I guess next step is to fix the reported problems.
@codeacademy : would be good to add some additional hints in the task

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I’m shocked with the insane lack of clarity in how to do this. NOT helpful. No video. No step by step. No checks to help you understand what you’re supposed to do.
No quiz, no screenshot. Nothing.

Hi @jononovo, did @method7493314847 's response here help you at all? I’m raising your concerns to our content improvement team.