Contacting the Codecademy Team privately

How can one contact the Codecademy Team privately for a private/personal concern or what is the right channel for this purpose?

There are a couple ways to do this.

  • You can submit a ticket in the Codecademy Help Center, if your message is regarding product support or billing.

  • Or you could send a private message to @lilybird, the community host, or one of the moderators, if your concern is regarding something else.

Of course all of the terms and conditions and what is listed in the privacy policy will still apply to how your information is handled, and I recommend reading these to check any doubts you have.


How can I report an observation?

Obviously I am unaware of the details surrounding your current observations, but I would say that the second option listed would be the best.

If you are wanting to report a bug and believe it to be too sensitive to be open to public, I believe @thepitycoder is the current moderator in charge of bug reporting, so a private message to him may be a good idea.


I really must clarify something here.

If your “observation” is a security flaw, or some other serious technical issue / vulnerability with the Codecademy platform, then what you need to do is inform Codecademy directly by contacting Customer Support.

If your issue is a regular “bug” - like something not running properly in the Learning Environment which you think should work, or an error in the course material for example - then you can raise that as a new topic in #community:Codecademy-Bug-Reporting

If you are in any doubt about where to raise the issue you’ve found, I would suggest that you err on the side of caution and go straight to Codecademy Customer Support.

(8-bitgaming is correct in that I keep an eye on the bug reports, and feed back to Codecademy those which need looking into, but anything of a serious / security-related nature should be taken directly to CC, not to me or posted on the forums. :slight_smile:)


Okay! thank you all.

I have sent in the observation using the in-course bug reporter from the “Get Help” link. I believe there’s no need to resend it.

Thanks again.