Contacting support

I cannot access the help / contact support link “”. Anyone else?

Works fine for me.

the page does not load for me, tried all browsers and devices. do you have any idea on how to resolve this? Would appreciate it @lisalisaj .

What web browser are you using? Do you have any extensions installed, etc? Is it the only page that doesn’t work for you?

This guide might help:

This is a separate question. Can you please delete this post and create a separate post in the proper category?

On the Help page it states that the CS hours are Monday- Friday, 10-6. The general turn-around time for responses is usually 24-48 hours.

Your question is about CSS, yes? Then I would post it in the CSS help category.

As I stated above, please post your questions in a new thread in the correct category as they don’t relate to the OP.

Nope. The OP’s post was about the Help page not loading/not being able to access the page, not that they haven’t yet received a reply from CS.

Tried Chrome and safari on both Mac and iphone, the message i get is " took too long to respond." or the page cannot be loaded as the server stopped responding. Tried reloading the page, also tried accessing the page using my wifi as well as cellular data but no chance in it working. @lisalisaj appreciate you trying to help, what would you recommend at this stage?

The Help page is the only webpage that doesn’t respond? Are you on Windows or Mac?

Try this (scroll down to about the middle of the page):

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Try an experiment:

Is your connection successful? What sort of pings show up?

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I am currently having the same issue. It’s been about three days now. I have tried every available method at the ‘‘help center’’, I have tried two new browsers but the issue still persists. Please @codecademy, kindly help look into this.