Contact List: Search for a friend...Whats wrong with my code


I am getting an error message: Your search function do not return contact information for steve...
var friends = {};
friends.bill = {};
friends.steve = {};
friends.bill.firstName = "bill";
friends.bill.lastName = "rodes";
friends.bill.number = 4143433333;
friends.bill.address = ["194 W Way", "Del St.", "92343"];
friends.steve.firstName = "steve";
friends.steve.lastName = "Smith";
friends.steve.number = 5453332121;
friends.steve.address = ["222 S Hay", "Sea Ct.", "92545"];
var list = function (obj)
    for(var key in friends)
var search = function (chk)
    for(var i in friends)
        if(friends[i].firstName === chk)
            return friends[i];
            return "No results found";


a function ends the moment a return keyword is reached, this currently happens in the first iteration of your loop. you only want to return not found after the loop has finished running


You do not need need an else statement,

Just inlcude the return statement right after your console.log and then close your if statement and function. :slight_smile:

And if the Firstname is found in the search you are to console.log friends[i] not return it,



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