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Pop up window:Oops, try again. When the computer tried to call calcPerimeter of a Rectangle object, the following error was thrown: TypeError: rec_test.calcPerimeter is not a function
Console:ReferenceError: calcPerimeter is not defined

Wach wor i dont get it

function Rectangle(height, width) {
  this.height = height;
  this.width = width;
  this.calcArea = function() {
      return this.height * this.width;
  // put our perimeter function here!
  function calcPerimeter(height, width) {
      return this.height*2 + 2*this.width;

var rex = new Rectangle(7,3);
var area = rex.calcArea();
var perimeter = calcPerimeter();


Well calcPerimeter only exists in the scope of Rectangle. If you want it to be available to objects you need to use

this.calcPerimeter  = function(height, width) {
      return this.height*2 + 2*this.width;

Or if you want to use it without any object as you tried here:

var perimeter = calcPerimeter();

then it should not be part of a constructor but a stand-alone function. Otherwise you might need to do something similar to var area = rex.calcArea();


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