Constructors in Review


So after I put in my code I would get "TypeError: rabbit1.describeMyself is not a function" I just want a quick solution to my problem.

function Rabbit(adjective) {
    this.adjective = adjective;
    this.describeMyself = function() {
        console.log("I am a " + this.adjective + " rabbit");

// now we can easily make all of our rabbits
rabbit1 = {
    adjective: "fluffy"
rabbit2 = {
    adjective: "happy"
rabbit = {
    adjective: "sleepy"


You need to use the function at the top to make your rabbits.

var rabbit1 = new Rabbit("fluffy");  this.describeMyself();

You are making rabbits without using the function, use the keyword new for this exercise.


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