Constructive feedback on the "Blossom" project in CompSci

I just finished the Blossom project in the Computer Science path.

I ended up needing to watch the video to solve a particular problem that I think I and most other students could solve on their own with just a small nudge.

Basically, over the course of this Data Structures and Algorithms unit, I’ve been learning all about nodes, linked lists, and the like. When asked to iterate over the linked list at a given array index using a “for” loop, I hit a snag because I was expecting it to return a series of node objects instead of the values attached to those node objects.

I kept getting errors telling me that “list” objects have no attribute “value” or “get_value()” and was confused why I kept getting lists instead of nodes. Then after watching the video I realized that the for loop was looking at and operating on the node values directly, and I was able to patch up my code easily enough. The funny thing is, I had looked at the iter method on the provided LinkedList class before watching the video, but I just didn’t fully grasp that it was returning node values instead of node objects.

The moral of the story is, I think the Hash Map unit might be a good place to go over how to read and use the iter method before sending us into the Blossom project. That being said, I’m enjoying the course so far, and this has been a good excuse to familiar myself with iter