Constellations off-platform project Question

How can I get the 3d capability that I get on Jupyter (rotation, zoom etc.) on my computers IDE (Spyder)?
Thanks for your time!

Here is my code bellow that only prints the images and does not have the same interactive capabilities on Spyder:

%matplotlib notebook #This line is only used in Jupyter notebook and not on Spyder
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D #This is what seems to be doing nothing on my Spyder as it does on Jupyter

# Orion
x = [-0.41, 0.57, 0.07, 0.00, -0.29, -0.32,-0.50,-0.23, -0.23]
y = [4.12, 7.71, 2.36, 9.10, 13.35, 8.13, 7.19, 13.25,13.43]
z = [2.06, 0.84, 1.56, 2.07, 2.36, 1.72, 0.66, 1.25,1.38]

# Figure one is the 2d projection of the stars
fig = plt.figure(1)
ax = fig.add_subplot(1,1,1)
plt.title("The Orion constellation - two dimentional projection")

# Final 3d figure
fig_3d = plt.figure(2)
fig_3d.add_subplot(1,1,1,projection = '3d')
constellation3d = plt.scatter(x,y,z)
plt.title("The Orion constellation - three dimentional representation")

I used to use Spyder quite often and it was absolutely fine with 3D plots. A vague memory suggests you may have to specify the backend though for certain operating systems. I think this can be done with a particular command, that I have unfortunately forgotten, or within the preferences panel. It may also require a particular version of PyQt to be installed. Have a quick search for your OS, using pyqt and displaying figures with Spyder and I’m sure there will be a few answers.

Edit: Had a quick test and I found it in Preferences --> IPython console --> Graphics Backend
It was set to Qt5 (this is on OSX, may differ on another OS).