Constellation Project

This is my post of the Constellation project [constellation - Jupyter Notebook]
Could someone please adise me whether or not to upload my constellation.ipynb file? I am confused because the instructions said to request feedback, but elsewhere the guidance was not to post answers.

You could post a link to the notebook that resides in one of your GitHub repos.

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Thanks Lisa. I need to learn how to set up a GitHub repository. I’ll do that next.


I’ve been added my jupyter notebook at : PythonDataVisualization/constellation.ipynb at master · cipriangabur/PythonDataVisualization · GitHub

Here is the link to my Constellation Project

Congrats on finishing the project.

There are however a few issues with the 3D plot. You need to use the 3D axis. Like so (this is my code. I got rid of the grid and background w/ ax3D.grid(False) There’s a lot you can do with the plots too:

fig3d = plt.figure()
ax3D = fig3d.add_subplot(1,1,1, projection="3d")
plt.title('3D Constellation: Orion')
ax3D.set_xlabel('x coordinates')
ax3D.set_ylabel('y coordinates')
ax3D.set_zlabel('z coordinates')

See the docs here: