Constellation Project- Peer Feedback

Hi! I’ve included a link to my constellation mapping project on Github.

I’m just getting started with Python and its libraries, so I didn’t do anything too fancy, but getting the 3d plot to work in the end was pretty cool and has me excited to learn more.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi @sjanaep.

Congratulation on getting your plots created. I’d never knock a good scatter plot.

A bit of feedback: Have a look at the the locations of your 3D points relative to the z-axis. I think they’re all sitting on the x-y plane where z=0. See this reply for a little detail on that and how to fix it- Orion Constellation Project: What's wrong with my z-axis?

As a second point if you’re plotting a graph like this it’s very rare that you’d not include labels for the axes. You’d have to sit and explain the graph to me whereas labels would save us both some time. Get in the habit of adding them now :+1:.