Constantly running into bug!

I use to really like codecademy but recently I keep running into bugs, even if I switch to different browsers.

Browsers where bugs occur: Chrome+Safari

Bug 1:
When I click on “resume” progress nothing happens, I have to go into the course list and click on the course manually;

Bug 2:
Sometime when I click run the code I just entered will disappear, making it impossible to change it for the next exercise;

Bug 3:
Sometimes where there are multiple steps in the same exercise, when I finish the first step I click run it will run through the whole thing and basically saying I get the second step wrong, etc.

Bug 4:
When I can’t get something right for a couple of times a window will show up to let me choose to either keep trying or “get code”, when I click “get code” nothing happens.

The consistency of the bug is outrageous and needs to be fix, otherwise the whole website feels like a half-baked site launched yesterday.


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These are somw of the bugs due to the course updates and remodeling of the site. I’m sure the codecademy engineers are working on it. :slight_smile:

In these forums we can help you when the problem is with your code or understanding of the topic.

To bring these issues to the attention of the Codecademy engineers, I recommend that you use the in-exercise bug reporting tool every time one of these problems occurs. I know from my own experience that they are happening often with the new courses, but keep reporting as often as you can.

I’m experiencing bugs 1-3 as mentioned above also. Bug 2 happens to me on every single task/instruction and is frustrating. I have submitted numerous bug reports. Have not tried the ‘Get Code’ button yet so cannot confirm I get bug 4.

Using Google Chrome Version 53.0.2785.143 m, Win 7 x64.

Yep its happening to me also just when i get code or go back to other questions, the display code is still stuck on the last question i was on…I can’t use it in this state. But im shaw its because they are re modelling, but they could let us know so we don’t think its an abandoned website thats getting filled with bugs…

I had the same problem for bug 2, now all my 20 lines of code is gone and i dont know what to do :frowning: