Constantly getting "incorrect" on very simple correct solutions


So I just started the CSS series, and after only like 3 sections have run into a brick wall where the code will not work in Chrome, but will work when I complete it in Microsoft Edge of all things. At first I thought it was my ad-blocker but I have disabled all extensions and restarted chrome, and yet still cannot progress in this section unless I use Edge. It did work for the first 2 sections so oddly it’s not 100% broken in Chrome for me. Can’t imagine what would cause this if no extensions are active. For what it’s worth I also checked chrome://flags to make sure I didn’t have any crazy experimental settings on.


So apparently on chrome only you need to eliminate ALL whitespace or newlines for answers to be accepted when this bug is occuring (sometimes this is not needed - but when I’m having solutions refuse to accept, this is the solution), not sure how codecademy managed a browser-specific bug like that. This is pretty ridiculous for a site claiming to teach people to code lol