Constant Validation Errors [DEV'S]

Hi Codecademy,

I keep getting errors of this nature and I have made a few posts about this already.

Even though I input the code correctly, regardless if I use a shorthand, function or however else one could possibly write the code, including having changed browsers and reset the work space.
Only hitting the button which replaces your code with the solution validates all markers.

Video → Link

Above is a video showing what I am going through.

Small Summary of what’s happening in the video.

I first run my code,
→ Get an error, notice on the right window that my code took affect.
I then copy and paste the suggested info inside the error
→ Get the error again.
I then view the solution and copy and paste the solution without resetting the workspace.
→ Again an error.
Afterwards, I click the button to replace my code with the solution.
→ It validates
I then copy and paste the code that was validated and reset the workspace and pasted it in.
→ I receive an error?

I just repeat myself again afterwards to check. This has happened a few times now and on different browsers.