Constant disconnecting

Really not appreciating the constant disconnecting. It’s very disruptive to learning. I also don’t like that all lessons are full reading. For what you charge, there should be audio and video. So far, I’m disappointed in this learning tool.

The connection issues are likely cause by something on your end, unless it’s a 503 error (an issue that came up a few days ago, but might be resolved by now). Try some of the suggestions in this article:

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Yeah, an ad blocker may be blocking the pings that keep the connection alive. Try allowing CC if that is the case.

The connection issues are likely to be an error on your end, make sure you aren’t using a VPN/adblocker/don’t have any wifi issues :slight_smile:

There are videos to go alongside of most of the projects if that’s more your style of learning (not all have them but a decent few do)

I’ll take a look at “my end”, but I’m certain I don’t have ad blockers. I feel like the reason for the disconnection is b/c their system monitors inactivity and shuts you down. But the thing is that I’m not inactive; I’m reading. Then when I try typing what I’m learning, the system disconnects, reloads the .js live environment, and sometimes it recovers what I typed, and sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ll also look around for videos, but seriously, videos should be default or at least easier to see, and available for all lessons, not “a decent few”.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see what I can work out.

Im also getting constant disconnections and getting worse. I recently completed a 8 week Courser course and had no problem. Its not the browser, not cookies, not wifi, not ad blocker. Im ready to cancel-out.

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Just to confirm as these kind of errors are usually on the user’s end, not on Codecademy’s, try working through the steps in this help center article:
Connection Lost in Codecademy’s Learning Environment – Codecademy Help Center

If it continues to persist after that you can try reaching out to CC directly here:
Codecademy Help Center

thanks but if its on my end (which i doubt but open to explore and i have done so including all on attached link) why didn’t I have any such problem with Coursera?

Issues on the user-end is the most common course of disconnections, which was why I mentioned it. That said however, I would note that Codecademy has had a couple issues with users being disconnected today, which I believe has now been fixed. If the issue persists you would be best off contacting Codecademy directly on the above link :smile:.

I will do that. thank you. I moved to Firefox and its better today. Perhaps it was the browser or perhaps the Codecadmy issue fix. I will go back to Chrome to test it later but today im on a roll and not going to pause.

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