Console Trouble

I’m having trouble at Step 13 on the final project of the Intro to Java Script course. I don’t see the black console anymore in this project as it has been in all of the lessons. It was always next to the code window.
They also say to make sure your own browser,s console is open to see the responses. I’m confused…Am I suppose to be doing something in Chrome (my browser)?

Log the response to the console. In the browser window with the Wanderlust page, enter a city in the search field and submit. Make sure that you have your own browser’s JavaScript console open so that you can see the response that is logged to the console.

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Yes. You need to open the web console. There are several methods to do this. ctrl + shift + J is one. See here for more.

Ok thank you. I have it open now in another instance of Chrome, but I don’t see anything getting logged to it when I submit a City to the Wanderlust?

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Oh please disregard. I have it working now… Needs to be in the same instance of Chrome.

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Thank you for addressing the problem before I did