Console.log (Solved)


I have tried to start working on Java But I got to The Console.log command and it Keeps giving me errors to the point where I copy pasted the Command in the hint and that didn't work any suggestions or help?


when you type console.log it is not capitalized.


As far as I know console.log command is only used in JavaScript and not in Java.
In Java it's something like System.out.println

By the way, I have another question to Codecademics: how to use JavaScript outside Codecademy console? Only through an HTML document and in a browser? Or is there some kind of a downloadable console for JavaScript too?

Is the command console.log only for Codecademy console?



Your browser probably has developer tools as well that include a webconsole e.g. for firefox you can access it via CTRL+SHIFT+K that's where you're console.logs from your HTML file should go. Console.log is rather a debugging tool in later use as the main output is the page and not the console but as the JS course doesn't cover the connection to the webpage it just uses this debugging tool as output.


Hi @javaninja52798 ,

Take a look at Scatchpad.

Also visit Mozilla's JavaScript page and


Thanks! I use Chrome mostly. Yeah, I think I found the console there.
In case any beginners like me should need it. It's
More Tools -> Developer Tools -> Console

But I don't know how to use it yet. :wink:


this is the site I use to test some codes, --> Languages --> Javascript
it also has a bunch of other languages