Console.log, seemed simple enough

5. I have to praise you like I should!

the instructions are:

If you’re ready to start learning about objects, print in the console: “I’m ready for Objects!”

Seems pretty straightforward, so I did this:

console.log("I'm ready for Objects!");

and I got:

Oops, try again. false

Ok… well it’s talking about objects so let’s do this:

var sayThis = {};
sayThis.string = "I'm ready for Objects!";

Same error so I did this:

var sayIt = "I'm ready for Objects!";

…and finally because I’m exasperated and really just wanna move on:

var annoyed = true;
if (annoyed) {
    console.log("I'm ready for Objects!");
} else {
    console.log("String of expletives");

So in all four instances I get the desired string to print but I still get the error and can’t move on. Is there something I’m missing here, some hidden meaning that I don’t understand behind that one line of instructions?

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Hi there, this version of the JavaScript course is being taken down in Summer 2017; we recommend you try our new Learn JavaScript course. Please read our blog post for more information.

The problem is likely related to the upcoming rollout of the next edition of this course. The old course track may go to read-only, or go dark altogether in the coming weeks, Some functionality may have already been lost. We’ve been getting reports lately about learners progress not reporting as expected.

I’ve moved this to Platform Problems and invited th Community Manager to look in. Can’t be sure there is a work around, but another member may have insight into how you can get around the SCT and move on. No promises this will end in your favor. Set this lesson aside and see if you can move on to another lesson, or another unit in the track and keep learning.

In the meantime, I believe this track is still functional and it does not have the header message the old track has,

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I appreciate the response. I skipped over it and when I went back a console.log worked for getting me that check-mark next to the lesson.

I have already completed the Learn JavaScript course and have found this one to cover the topics in a more comprehensive manner, but that’s just my opinion of it.

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Any extra work and review we can do is helpful, and important. We should expect performance issues in the old track, so it is ‘enter at one’s own risk’ territory as the closing day approaches.

Glad you got through it. Good luck with the rest.

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