Console.log an array value

can anyone tell me why it has printed 3 in the last one please

let listOfNumbers = [2, 3, 5, 7, 11];
// → 5
// → 2
console.log(listOfNumbers[2 - 1]);
// → 3

Why do you think 3 is printed? Did you expect a different output? If so, why?

asking yourself these question, this way of thinking is rather important for a programmer.

It looks like print a range from 2 to 1 but it doesn’t make sense.

Why would it print a range?

The print gives the value of 3, which is the second element (index 1) of the list. So 2 - 1 is a simple subtraction.

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I was subtracting the values and not the position. That’s why I didn’t consider this one. Thanks anyway