Console keeps disconnecting

Hi all,

I’m currently doing the full stack development course and code academy console keeps disconnecting any time i attempt to type some script in. Its incredibly frustrating as I’m not managing to get any of my course done.

I am having the same issue as OP on my pro account. I am on the full stack '21 and python courses- the interactive learning environment cannot be used at all and either disconnects every few seconds or times out when I attempt to run code.

I have tried-
-different devices
-verifying/resetting network connection
-different activities/courses

I will go to my local library and check if it works on their internet…

Hey there!

Sorry to hear you’ve run into issues with the learning environment.

We’d like to look into this, so if you could both reply with links to the specific lessons/projects you were working on when the issue began, that would be great!

I’ll pass the information along to the team and let you know what we find!

Hi Mariana,

Mine started when I were on step 2 of my module and still happening in step 3. I can’t even type a letter without it disconnecting. I have also attached an image as well

Did you try any of these ideas:

What OS & web browser are you using is also helpful information for when reporting bugs.

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