Console is empty even though my code is correct


Hello all, I am going through the tutorials and I am getting the code correct but it doesn't seem to be popping up in the box in the top right of the page. Here is a picture below to further explain my issue

Anything you can do to help I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks again!


Oh i just remembered what it's called. It's not reading in the console. Sorry for that, Thanks again!


You figured out that you need to call the function outside your actual function right?

the code should be

var orangeCost = function(price){
  console.log(price * 5);


Hope that's what you remembered :sunny:


Oh snap, that was obvious. But it's still not showing up in the console.


have you tried this format?

function orangeCost(price){
  console.log(price * 5);


Maybe they just disabled the console for that exercise :sheep: