Console in React project exercise

Hi there, I’m attempting the “Animal Fun Facts” project and got stuck at a couple of places as the output window stopped rendering anything. I’m looking for a console tab or window to check for errors, but couldn’t find it. Is it available by any chance? If not, how do you recommend debugging our code?

No console available within the lessons.

However, your browser does have a console (f12 is the short key -> then console tab) which you can use. Any errors in the lesson will be displayed in your browser console.

Very good to use the tools available to help you debug :slight_smile:

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Wonderful! Thanks for the tip @stetim94! :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I don’t think I’ve anything in my code that’s causing these errors. I think the project exercise itself has some issues.

That is the drawback, you will also get to see codecademy website errors

Not entirely sure. I haven’t done this project. So not sure how much I can help you

I would recommend to make a new topic, and include:

your code
exercise url

so someone else can help you with this specific problem :slight_smile:

If it is indeed a codecademy bug, the code and exercise url can help us better to solve the problem.

Those were some strange errors. I had to reset the execise, then change the event handler funtion from an arrow syntax to the default function keyword syntax. Once I did that, it started working as expected.

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