Console/Editor in C# lesson on codeacademy won't load

I am here.

The console and editor loaded just fine for the previous lesson until I clicked next, then the written part of this lesson loads, but the editor and console do not. Indicator at the top of console shows that it is connected to codeacademy.

Any ideas?

Same here, the lesson loads but the editor doesn’t work

Same issue with all my JavaScript lessons. Getting errors in console when checking with dev-tools.

I think they have server problems. So, we need just wait guys :smiley:

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This was also happening to me in HTML lessons. It only affects my next lesson. I can go back to lessons I’ve already completed and they still work.

That said, I did a quick search, and this problem seems to pop up occasionally. I found no solutions in older forum posts other than to wait for the powers at be to fix the issue.

Wish I would have checked here before sending an E-mail to codecademy about this issue…oh well.

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