Considering upgrading to Pro, lack of response from Codecademy

(Attention course instructor and administrator)

Sorry for taking this approach, but I’ve sent a few messages now to Codecademy’s normal billing address over the last week and I’ve received no reply.

  1. Is one allowed to pay for a year’s subscription to the Pro plan instead of making monthly payments?

  2. If one does purchase a years worth of the Pro plan, is one guaranteed that they will not be put on an auto-billing service revolving into subsequent months?

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Here is where to take your enquiry…

Thanks for the attention MTF but pointing me to a search page was not helpful even before your suggestion.

I’ve already exhausted that approach, one year plans are mentioned in various threads but then when one follows the sources to a payment page one is offered a monthly plan option.

Thus my original questions.

Hi @jnl2,

I have definitely seen an annual subscription mentioned in the past but now that I’m looking for it I also can not find any trace of it.

I’ve checked the most likely place, the Help Center’s Pro Billing section and I don’t see anything there. It may be that it is not currently being offered.

The way to contact staff in order to ask them your specific Pro questions is through the Help Center’s Ask a Question link.

I wish I could help more.


Ditto that, myself, as well.

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Thank you for investing the time in order to offer a resolution.

It’s caused me some frustration and more time than I think any of us would want to invest into trying to figure this out. In toll about 8 different messages, a little over an hour of precious time spread out over 10 days a waiting while I want to jump into other courses.

Oh well.

If you guys could push this on to the billing department, the developers of the site and/or the folks making policy, maybe we can save others the time and frustration.

Thanks again very much for trying to help.

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