Consider updates to lessons RUN / validate


I have a small suggestion, that I am sure will apply to most JavaScript course materials and would greatly improve usability and take away a little annoyances away.

Can you please for goodness sake change your lesson validations to ignore upper/lower casing:

Example: Lesson 11/15


Render Me!

, document.getElementById('app')); will not PASS! just because of uppercase M!!!

Not to mention if I wanted to put my own text into the H1 tag content... sigh


This has been an issue for as long as I can remember. I'm pretty sure it's all due to how the courses are created. For now, I suggest this one easy tip: Just copy and paste the text it asks you to type.


I concur completely with this suggestion.

Creativity should always be encouraged, rather than a simple copy and paste of the recommended text.


Exactly my point, learning by tinkering and trying out your own things! not just kind of mindless copy/paste...


Thanks for bringing this up, people learn more by adding there own twist to it, I know I personally do. :slight_smile:


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