Consider revamping React course in Full Stack course

Hey team,

I am about 40% through the Javascript full-stack course and have enjoyed the vast majority of it and much of it was familiar to me as I had already completed Free Code Camps Data Structures and Algorithms which is a fairly substantial course.

I am on React II and I have to say team, I’m pretty disappointed with the quality of the lessons. It goes against so many learning principles but would say the main thing is that it doesn’t isolate elements of react properly. For example, in the section on useState() and it’s various features, instead of simply getting the basics and building up from there, it starts with the basics and then introduces previously not covered functions like setInterval (even introducing interval IDs!! into the mix) while trying to show the learner a part of react that needs to be learned. It does this continuously and unfortunately, the writing is a mix between ‘We will give you a little and you can work the rest out’ (not inherently bad at all) and ‘You have to understand our plan before we tell you and we won’t really describe where we are going with this’

This bad mixture just means learners spend more time trying to understand the writing itself and the authors intention (the concepts themselves are not hard to grasp in isolation).

I’ve had to use ‘View solution’ just. to skip past some of these lessons as they kind of waste my time in all honesty. I want to spend my time learning the concepts of programming and not trying to decipher bad writing.