Connection of software and hardware


how can i connect my html project which is the software with my hardware system? for example, i want to make a page where it will tell me the meter reading of my electricity usage which i will connect the meter to Lora or zigbee or wifi. Then, i want to provide a chart of electricity usage saving in my page too. but i dont have any idea to connect my hardware to my software. please give me the solution?


Well, I have never used a ZigBee or any IoT board like LoraWan to accomplish such task but I have used other device to make the same idea.

The steps are as follows:

  • Read the data at the device.
  • Configure the device to send them to some IP:Socket (like your computer).
  • Configure some script to “scan” that port and obtain the data (Sniffer).
  • At the same script, process the data and send it to some Database manager system (SQL).
  • At your webpage, you just need some backend script to read from the database and post it at the html (can be done by any language).