Connection issues

Anyone else having connection issues?

Tried different browser etc, no issue with other sites.

I don’t have any connection issues. What operating system are you running? Do you have any kind of firewall?

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It resolved itself. Sorry, should have posted here, but got distracted. No idea at all why it was an issue, internet was 100%, and it happened in FF and chrome so I dunno. But it’s fine now

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It’s happening again.

I’m now on a different pc. It’s still happening, now going to try different pc, different internet connection.

Now back on original PC and it’s resolved again. Pretty sure the problem is not my end.

Internet connection fine.
Happened on different browser,
different PC,
different internet connection.

Thankfully it doesn’t seem to last long, but it’s a bit of PITA

Same thing is happening to me all day. It will work for about 30mins or so then I would get a Unable to Connect to Codecademy message. Gets a little annoying after getting into the zone then all of a sudden the site craps out.

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Happening again right now.

Sometimes refreshing works, the worst case only fixed itself when I told it to go back a step in the course, then forward.

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Thanks, I’ll try it if it happens again

and again. Going back a step didn’t work, tried again on different PC, different internet connection. Nope.

Tried turning off firewall completely on 2 different pcs on 2 different net connections, still nothing. This can’t be on my end. Hoping some besides other users takes a look at this as it’s been 2 weeks on and off and it’s not improving, this incidence is also lasting longer than before. I really want to finish this course, but I can’t keep sitting around waiting for the connection to come back.

hey @bilsner,

try refreshing it works sometimes

good luck,

It was the first thing I did.