Connecting websites to a server, storing user data

How do you connect websites to a server? What languages should you know?
How do you securely store username/password data in a database, and access them? What languages should be known for this?

Thank you for your help!

that are a lot of questions, with a lot of possible answer. The first question is confusing, i recommend you find a server (here is a list), and use a ftp client (filezilla client) to upload your html files to the server you picked (the server you picked most likely contains instructions on how to do this), if you can’t figure out you can search on youtube for this, videos are so much better at explaining, it is really hard to explain it with words only.

What languages should you know? Well, there is tricky one. you could learn mysql (database), there are 3 options which programming language you could pick to build your webapp:
python (scripting language) -> django (web framework)
ruby (scripting language) -> ruby on rails (web framework)
php (scripting language) -> no framework needed, there are frameworks available though

you can access the values in your database with django, RoR or php. How to store the data encrypted? depends on the language you choice, so i leave it open for now.

You have to research which language you want to learn. What the pros and cons they all have etcetera.


Thank you for the detailed answer!

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Thanks, a lot, I have tried to use 000webhost for webhosting, however, I found that it cannot display javascript file, is the website does not support javascript, do you have any alternatives that support javascript?

What? i tried 000webhost as well, it supports javascript fine, can i see the code you are trying to use?

My website is
The website should look like the following:

There is a hyperlink called "Ping Pong linked to another page with javascript file. I can view it in local host, but it displays an error page when it is in the 000webhosting page.

The web folder is as follow, please have a look:

You’ll see there is a file called “PingPong”, which cannot be viewed on 000webhosting.

Thanks a lot.

Let me guess, you are a windows user? :smiley: servers in general run linux, and linux uses forward slashes in paths. (you could say linux goes forward and windows goes backwards (horrible pun, i know))


Hahaaaa yes I am a window user :joy:
You mean I change all the slash to backward () and then it would be alright?

the backslashes in urls:

<a href="pingpong\index.html">PingPong</a>

you should change \ into a forward slash (/)


Oh, thank you very much, it works now :blush:

I have found there are numerous Javascript open source on the web.


However, I do not know how to implement them as a whole and display it on the browser.
I follow the same procedure and type this:

<a href="pizza-master/index.html">pizza master</a>

But it still cannot show the page, do I miss anything in between?

There are many open source things on the web, including an entire OS (linux, the one your server uses, which is also available for pc)

I checked your website, seems fine? You didn’t update your github

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Yes, I do not know how to update my github lol I am not familiar with git hub, it requires codes for cloning the repository, etc. It may take time for me to look into github. I have just started working on the code since Chinese New Year.
I am now working on the interactive pie-chart.

Although there are detailed explanation for using the code, it is still quite high-level for me to implement that to my website. I find that the above open source use SASS, and I have to download Ruby to implement, it involves more and more programs and makes the situations more complicated.

Do you know any other open source is more easier to be implemented and involve less languages with interaction?

Belated Happy Chinese New Year

I have just learnt some skills in cloning the repository and commit some changes, I have made some updates on my github now. Please have a look on my pizza-pie-chart, which I do not know how to input it to my website, thanks a lot.

It is my website. I love the data driven document (D3) created by other users, I copied the source code and implemented them to my website successfully.

It is a very good website.

Thanks for your help. You are so generous

But you an also use css for your pizza pie chart? If you scroll, there is also a css section. Besides, install SASS isn’t too difficult right? I cannot imagine it is, oh hold, which OS do you use?

I will take a look, but i have my own projects + codecademy forum as well, so quit busy.