Connecting Issue

Hey all,

I’m experiencing a connecting issue, getting a error message as below:

“Sorry about that! There are a lot of people taking this course right now! It might be unavailable until the crowd clears. Until then, how about taking one of our other courses?”

Does anyone know when will this be resolved? Thanks!

I got this problem too around 9AM today, so I decided to retry in the afternoon, thinking less people would be on. Still says too many people are on though 4 hours later. Maybe it’s not just too much traffic.

I saw a classmate get on successfully right after I tried and failed.

I’ve been having this problem for the past week (business days)

have tried between 5 & 10 PM CST on both chrome & ie

have not been able to resolve this issue. have completed the javascript & jquery courses and am really eager to start this one, anyone know what the issue may be?