Connecting frontend and backend install issues

Hi, I am trying to attempt the project in the section ‘Connecting Frontend to Backend’ but I am stuck with this installation problem.

I don’t know what to do because loooking at the second screenshot it does look like this dependency is installed. Does anyone have any ideas?


If you google the missing path you get to the issues page of the date-fns library. One answer reads

Take note that two packages need to be installed to make it work:
@date-io/date-fns version 1
– date-fns
Run npm i @date-io/date-fns@1.x date-fns --save

That seems to have resolved the issue for many users.

Thank you, that did fix it. There are also some other errors popping up.

I changed the file name - capitalised the first C and that worked, but then I got another list of errors (see below). Does it look like this starting file might need to be revised? Or is this what I’m supposed to be fixing as part of the tutorial? I think maybe that’s it…

Your component is called Calendar.js, so you have to import it with a capital C. After that error, it does not parse any further, so it doesn’t show the other errors that are there.
Apparently there is no function getBooks(). Either you haven’t defined or imported it properly.


Yes thanks I fixed the issue with the capital letter. What I mean is that this is a downloaded starting file so I think I should be able to download it and not have errors like wrong file names in it, no?

I’m out at the moment but I will check back later on. Thanks for taking the time to reply.


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