Connecting Front End to Back End - How Does This Work for Mobile App Development?

Fact check.

I’m on the Fullstack Career path and will also be getting into Mobile Development at some point. I’m aware that you need to build a backend server to handle all the logic and then connect that to the front end of the web application to have a full-stack application. I’ve made some research and I think a web and mobile application can both use the same backend server - so that you can connect a backend server to a web app frontend as well as a mobile app. Does that effectively make mobile development (with Java, Kotlin, Swift) frontend only if you already have a backend server?

If you can build a frontend for the web and connect it to a backend server, I am guessing you can replicate the same service on a mobile app connected to the same backend server that the web app is connected to, such that you have both a web and mobile app rendering the same service?

Is this how Facebook and Facebook Mobile work? Twitter too, as well as other services that have both a web and mobile app? Just curious. It will help me shape my learning path since I am looking to do a similar project.


It really depends on what language you will be using. As if you are using for example Kotlin for Android development or Swift for iOS, it has a different structure when trying to connect it in the back-end. Whilst, if you develop on Typescript or something else that is used for the web, it will be different.

The idea is the same, but the execution is different.

Hope that answered your inquiry.