Connect JavaScript to html webpage

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I’m sorry, this may be a stupid question. I’m a total beginner and currently 1/3s through the javascript introcuction course. I already finished the html and css parts, and for what I am trying to acomplish, it went very well so far. I programmed my html site, styled it with css, and with the basic things the javascript intro taught me, I could already create a code that does exactly what I need.

but so far I still have no idea how to “connect” javascript with my html site. the .js file works perfectly when I log stuff in the console, but that doesn’t get me anywhere, I need those functions to work with my html form.

it’s like in the training projects (lets say the rock-paper-scisors-project). it works well in the console but it doesn’t teach me how to actually make this usable for somebody, for example via a website where he/she can choose rock, paper or scisors somehow.

my question is, is this going to be explained in a later chapter somewhere at the end or is it never shown how to actually use the code for web development?

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Yes, it will be covered later. Right now focus on learning JavaScript in and out.

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Okay, great!