Connect Four Game

Hi everyone! This is my first coding project, I’ve built a 2-player connect four game. This took me a bit longer than I expected, however I am very proud to have made such progress so far. Hoping to finish the year off strong and make even more progress next year!

Check out the repo here: GitHub - munozjon/Connect_Four

Excellent job! The code works well and I was able to get a game ending where a player won. I also really liked your use of colors (going to read into how you did that).

One thing I would recommend changing is that instead of pausing the game to wait for a user input between plays, just print the text and ask for the next player’s input. If you’d like to add a time-gap between plays (to slow the game down a bit), you can import the python time script and use the sleep function to add a wait duration. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your response! I appreciate the suggestion, I will likely implement that solution instead. I believe the reason I pause the game for a user’s input is a function I kept from when I was testing the game where I wanted to ensure each function worked and was able to quickly leave the loop before the game ended. Adding the ‘time’ module would be a lot better and make the game progress at a slower, more natural pace. Thanks again! :grin: