Connect 4 Terminal Game - Feedback appreciated

This is the project I have done. Please check out the code and I would appreciate your feedback.

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I’ve cloned your code into a local repo and gave your terminal game a go.

It’s a fun game to play :slight_smile: I really like your use of a ‘main menu’ and how it shows up on the screen.
I also like the fact that you use a lot of functions in your code.

Some recommendations:

  • store the ascii art in a separate file ‘’ and import it. This will make more readable
  • add a docstring (“”" “”") to your functions to describe what they do, rather than single line comments (#) above the function definition
  • you wrote (from random import *), but you’ve only used the randint function from that module, so you could have just imported that function by writing ‘from random import randint’

Happy Coding!

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it feels great as it is the first time that I get noticed online in the coding community. I’m glad to hear that you liked the game and thank you for your great recommendations. They also give me the opportunity to actually update the code and publish the new version. :slightly_smiling_face: