I'm confused. I put in "gem install jekkyl" (no, not with quotations) and it didn't work. It said it didn't qualify as an internal or external command. Help, please!


Note te spelling in the above. Now look at the name in the header of this topic.


I'm sorry, but it still doesn't work. Remember, the problem was with "gem" not "jekyll"


You might wanna mention that you're doing this on Windows.
You may want to check if you have installed it in such a way that you can use it they way you are trying to.

The real answer here is that you're better off using linux for command line programs. You'll just keep running into things missing and being difficult to install and/or use on Windows because none of this stuff is designed for that environment.

You can. But if you're asking for help, then the answer is that the easiest way to help yourself is to use linux.


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