Confusion With Javascript: Requests

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I am on Javascript: Requests (5. XHR GET Requests III) and extremely confused. In the Lesson part, they say something about an API Key:

Be sure that you have obtained an API Key following the steps in this article before continuing. Otherwise, this exercise won’t work properly.


Why are they randomly talking about API Keys? Have I missed something? Actually, what is an API Key? What does API even stand for? Do I have to pay or something? What does it have to do with Google?

Uhh–yeah. I would like an explanation. If that doesn’t sound to snobbish or something.

Totally confused but hopeful,

E. G.

there must be an article then? Which explains it.

API = application programming interface

when someone writes an application, they can add an API so other programmers can build a program on top/adjacent to it. Most API requires a key, to verify a real person is using them, otherwise an API could be misused.

Yeah. So . . . there is an article, but when I tried to follow the steps I got confused. I think it was outdated. I don’t know. Lemme try again. Thanks!

If you share the exercise url and article, maybe i can help

oh . . . wait. I just did it. It’s not outdated. I’m sorry for the trouble @stetim94 :disappointed:

No problem, that is what the forum is for :wink: Its actually even better if you figure it out on your own :slight_smile:

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