Confusing Instructions in Exercise 5 - git reset I


Sorry but i don't get the instructions, it confuses me. :monkey:

Great! The files you've added to the staging area belong in the same commit.

What if, before you commit, you accidentally delete an important line from scene-2.txt? Unthinkingly, you add scene-2.txt to the staging area. The file change is unrelated to the Larry/Laertes swap and you don't want to include it in the commit.

Is the previous exercise somehow related to this one? The scene-2.txt wasn't mentioned before, so i think it is completely unrelated, right? Or maybe i need to improve my english...


In this git project that you are working on there are several files. In the terminal you can us the ls command to see them all.


Yes you're right, i think now i understand. It was a little bit confusing because i did'nt see the other files an how they are related.


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